Progress Report

Just an update on my own writing progress. Part of this blog is supposed to be exactly that, watching another writer work through the process of writing from concept to publication. As of late I haven't done much in the way of writing towards publication. I stalled out on rewriting Spark's ending, Deviner's Eye has been sitting stagnant, and the only real writing I've been getting done has been the blog.

As I noted earlier this week (maybe it was last week) I’ve been working on coming up with other writing avenues not necessarily based in Fantasy and Science Fiction. This past week I’ve done a lot of work towards that goal and have had a great time doing it.

I’ve read through and made notes on approximately 135 pages of flash fiction stories (500-1000 words in length). With the guise of my pseudonym I sat down and wrote two stories, one yesterday and another today. I need to edit them for length now, but so far I’m very pleased with what I was able to produce when I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I also wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper where I live in regards to a columnist who continues to berate all environmentalists with his pseudoscience. It turned out very well, chalk full of snarky attitude and facts that I hope to share with you once it’s published. I’ll link to both the inciting article and then my response in hopes that if you come across anyone spouting the mythos of S. Fred Singer, the SEPP, or NIPCC, you’ll be able to hit them over the head with the cold, hard mallet of reality. The letter leads me to an idea for an article.

I’ve shied away from trying to write any articles for larger magazines, but I think it’s finally time for me to embrace the challenge and step out onto that public stage. And now that I think about it, that’s probably where my hang up has always been, putting myself out there for others to criticize. Small things like blogs and comments on message boards are one thing, but taking that same research and spinning it off into an article or story that could possibly be read by thousands is a far more daunting possibility. There will be people who disagree, no matter what I write, and that’s scary, but it’s time to finally face that fear.

All in all, even in spite of not getting anything done with my current projects, it’s been a very productive and fulfilling week. I need to up the bar next week with even more writing and submitting of my flash fiction stories. I also need to get the small, non queried articles written, the photos for them taken, and sent off.

Wish me luck. Remember, the sooner we can get paid for our writing, the sooner we can turn to those who would like us to stop and say, “I’m sorry, but I’m working.”

Challenge: Over the weekend, spend some time thinking about whether you have any fears tied to being successful and about whether or not those fears keep you from completing any of your projects. All artists deal with fear, it’s facing that fear that leads to success.


Mellow Dee said...

I am excited about the progress you are making and that you are willing to share the fears related to writing with us.

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