Not NaNo Again

Well, it's November 1st again, and as all writers everywhere know, it's the first day of National Novel Writing Month. The month when Chris Baty tries his damnedest to sell you more of his merchandise under the guise of helping writers everywhere while using his tax exempt organization as an advertising tool and email address collector to help him better peddle his wares.  

Bloggers all across the land are putting up posts about their strategies for this month, their hopes, fears, . . . word counters. I however will not be making the typical NaNo post. This is about anti-NaNo while still participating in it. 

It just so happens that the organizer for my region is a part of my face-to-face writing group. She's also the co-moderator for the "Rebels." And I have signed up with the resistance. 

If you were considering doing NaNo, but don't want to abandon what you are already working on, then join up with the Rebel list in the forums of NaNo and write to your heart's content. They talk a lot more about how to break the rules over on the forum thread, so check it out. 

My personal rule breaking will be to continue the novel that I have in progress and only count words written in November. Now then, I have lots of writing to get done. 1,800 words before midnight. Think I'll go and get some coffee made up. 

Happy writing everyone and "Vive la résistance!"


Amber J. Gardner said...

Wow I was and am a rebel without even realizing it! Last year, I had written around 20k words before November, but for that NaNo, only counted the new words.

The same this year (though I have much less than 20k). I tend to stay away from forums (especially one that's SO BIG) so I didn't know there was a rebel area. I probably still won't check it out (seems like a distraction), but I am glad I'm not the only one bending the rules. ^_^

And for the record, I've yet to give Chris Baty any of my money...though I kind of want to donate one of these days when I get the chance. If it weren't for NaNoWriMo, I might still have yet to finish a novel-length project.

David Noceti said...

Agreed. Nano is what got me back into writing seriously, and I thank it for that. And the nonprofit work that it does is a good thing, and I gueeeeess it's alright that Chris Baty makes something from all of that. :) Still, I can't help but see the sneakiness involved.

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