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Spread the Word Saturday

I won my first award! Twice! Alright, so there isn't like a panel of judges or anything like that; and as Paige Bruce put it, it's almost like a chain letter because of the number of people you're supposed to “award” it to (read: pass it on). Here, I'll let you read the rules for yourself.

This award is meant to be passed on to bloggers who post from the heart. The rules for receiving this award are simple, pass the award on to seven worthy blogs and list ten honest things about yourself. It’s all about driving traffic to your favourite sites so here goes.”

Both Paige Bruce of the aptly titled Paige Bruce and klstevens of Cutting My Own Path noted me on their blogs for the Honest Scrap Award, and both had very nice things to say. It's the nice things that people say that keep me going, so I really appreciate it.

These ladies talk about writing adding in their own personal anecdotes to this sometimes troublesome journey that we all find ourselves on. Recently Paige has moved more towards instructional aids and klstevens has been sharing more of her own progress, even going so far as to post a bit of her story the other day. (See, I do read them!)

After the rouge finally left my cheeks I realized, “Oh crap, now I have to give it to seven 'other' bloggers. Do I even know seven other bloggers? Wait, I know eight. Ah crap, now I've got to leave someone out. Someone is going to end up hating me.”

For those who have been reading this blog for a while, you've come to accept that I like to make things difficult. I rarely say, “Oh, that's good enough the way it is.” I'm always trying to figure out how I can make things just a little bit better. So I decided, “Screw this, I'm making my own rules.”

Apparently with the old Honest Scrap, folks used a really bad picture of a sign. I didn't like it. So part of the DtW version of Honest Scrap is that fancy new image you saw up at the top. I found an old propaganda poster from wartime U.S. history and turned it into something cool with my mad photoshop skilzzzzzz. You'll notice that it doesn't have any drop shadow like my images usually do (yeah, I know you tooootally noticed that about my graphics didn't you? pft) and the reason being is because I want people to be able to snag it and use it freely. Along with being a writer, I'm an artist, and it annoys the hell out of me when bad graphics like that sign get plastered all over the blogosphere.

The New Rules

The recipient of the Honest Scrap Award chooses one blogger (not the person that awarded it to them) who they feel honestly posts from their heart. Create a separate post on your blog recognizing the person who awarded you with the Honest Scrap and about the new recipient, noting why you chose them for the award. In your post note ten honest things about yourself (consider it your acceptance speech). Feel free to use the new Honest Scrap Award image on your blog as you see fit. Notify the new recipient in the comment section of their blog so that they know that their hard work is appreciated.

And the Winner Is

Razorblade Brain written by golddust3681 (I'm omitting her real name because I'm not sure if she wants it shared I'll edit it in later is she wants). Frankly, with posts about things like “Dick Afros” I don't think they get much more honest than what you'll find on Razorblade Brain. This blog is written with a great deal of wit and snark. She's not afraid of poking a jab at herself or anyone else, even her adorable daughter. So if you're interested in a good laugh and are mature enough to make it past the content warning, definitely check it out.

Ten Honest Things:

1) I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20. Come on, does it get much more honest than that?

2) I'm an eighth black and didn't find out until I was 31. Imagine my surprise.

3) I'm a hermit. For the most part I can lock myself away from the world with only limited contact and be completely content.

4) I'm a terrible friend. I don't call. I seldom write. I don't ask for help. But I still get butthurt when I'm not invited to things.

5) Like klstevens, I hate having dry hands after washing. All the oils get sucked from your skin and it drives me nuts; hence why you'll often catch me grooming like a cat just after washing.

6) I was dropped from my track team in my senior year because of bad grades (read: I'm a lazy idiot) but somehow managed to finagle my way back on to it by pleading with teachers for changed grades (read: I must have looked really pathetic).

7) I am terrified of failure to the point of not trying. You don't try, you don't fail. (I'm working on this one).

8) I should have been hit by a car when I was 15. It was lunch time and I was in town heading over to the pizza parlor yammering with my friends. A bread delivery truck was parked on the curb in front of the cross walk, I went to step out to cross the street, the bread guy yelled “Hey, look out!” I hesitated. A car flew by right where I should have been. Because of that Wonder Bread guy, you now have to put up with me.

9) I accidentally tricked my wife into dating me. She had a Christian only rule for dating, I thought I was Christian at the time. She fell in love with me, I with her. I found not Jesus, but it was too late, I'd already woven my spell. (sucker)

10) I wet the bed on and off until I was something like ten years old. Friend: “What's that smell?” Me: “Huh, what smell?” Friend: “It smells like it's coming from your bed.” Me: “Oh, that. Uh, we have a new puppy and it was up on my bed playing and it had an accident.” Riiiiight. Sigh.


David Noceti said...

Testing, testing. Seems the comments are acting funny. Remember to scroll down and check to see if your comment has posted after you hit that "post" button. Sometimes it only previews even though you hit post; then you have to tell it to do it again. Silly technology.

Mellow Dee said...

Take two:

Ironic, isn't it, that you are being honest here about having been unknowingly dishonest in wooing me? In any case, I am glad that was the case.

I will also say that you are honestly the best daddy and husband I have seen. While you may not try for fear of failure in some departments, the marriage and parenthood realms are ones where you have intrepidly ventured. You are wonderful, dear Davey.

Your Sucker

David Noceti said...

Yes, I paid her to say that. :)

S.F. Robertson said...

You should put that on your business card or as a blurb on your first novel. :)

damihjva said...

5) Like klstevens, I hate having dry hands after washing. All the oils get sucked from your skin and it drives me nuts; hence why you'll often catch me grooming like a cat just after washing.

Does ... does that mean you lick your hands after you wash them? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq3EsyotORM (Oh, the weird wiring of my brain.)

Oh, and completely OT, but I thought I'd share this with y'all: http://sartorias.livejournal.com/361084.html

David Noceti said...

Hrmm. Much to think about, much to think about.

Yes, I lick my fingers, one at a time and then steal faces. Still working on finding a famous author whose face I can swipe, but when I do, mwa hahahahahaha. And that was just plane creepy. Awesome, but creepy.

As for the agent rants . . . that deserves some careful consideration. I agree about the politics bit. I completely stopped all forms of that a long while ago. I don't want my politics clouding the thoughts of readers. I have to wearing colored lenses once I hear what a person's faith or political leanings are, and am indeed less or more likely to buy something of theirs based on that.

As for personal information on a blog, I don't know. I'd almost think that you can't have a blog without it. At least not a writer's blog. It also depends on your niche.

They also didn't clarify what size of a blog we're talking about. If it's something small and insulting that most people don't enjoy, then yeah, it would be a bad thing for people to happen upon and would likely negatively impact sales. On the contrary though, if the blog has a following and is respected for the personal anecdotes shared, then I'd assume that an agent would look at it and say, "Hmm, they just made my job easier."

The last interesting thing about that article is that it sounded like all the agents had different quibbles. It didn't sound like there was a unanimous decision about anything and that adds to the notion that you better get to know your agents before you query them.

Amber J. Gardner said...

Wow, we're so alike it's scary. Well, okay, not really. I bet a lot of writers share #s 1, 4 and 7. I think its just part of a writer's DNA.

I seriously want to give this blogging thing a serious try. But my own #7 is acting up as usual.

I wonder if artwork is also something that agents look at, cause I have some seriously embarrassing works of art out there in the internet world that I hope NO ONE ever connects to being done by me.

David Noceti said...

Yeah, I think that's the dangerous thing about that livejournal post. Writers already question themselves enough as it is, throwing that into the mix just makes it even worse. I'm going to error on the side of 'don't take things to the extreme unless it's your writing.' Oh, and don't bash anyone in the industry. I think that's good advice too. Of course, some agents don't make it all that easy with some of their blogs. Especially with that whole queryfail fiasco from many moons back. Then again, I'd have to say that I honestly sided with the agents on just about everything I read. They have to deal with a lot of fluffy bunny crap.

golddust3681 said...

Thank you so much for the award. Yours is so much cooler than the original. If you'd like to read my Sally Field-esque acceptance speech:


You get so many bonus points for having "Date My Avatar" on here. Genius.

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