Monday Funny

In honor of  a recent crit session in which I was totally playing the part of Ben Stiller. Oh, and we had a chicken vanish recently so this ones for you nameless chicky, your eggs will be missed. 

Coming this week:

No, I Will Not Read Your F@#&!^* First Chapter

And other STUFF!

(Don't worry, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds) 


Paige Bruce said...

You won't? Damn, I was hoping to pester you with my first chapter to my epic fantasy "The Gathering Hurricane of Doom", about a nobody who turns into a hero after he rescues a princess and finds a glowing sword. :(

David Noceti said...

Wait a minute! That was TOTALLY the premise for the second book I wrote, . . . before I rewrote it to take out all those elements. But still! Does your sword give your unlikely hero special fighting skills that he shouldn't otherwise have as well?

Amber J. Gardner said...

I love Ben Stiller. He's so funny and cute.

You may not want to read that @#$% first chapter, but I'd be happy to read yours ^_^.

David Noceti said...

lol. Yeah, I'm making it sound much worse than it is. Of course, I'm debating posting it straight away for tomorrow or dragging out the tension for a few days. :)

And I loooove Jack Johnson, even though SOME people I know think it's pop. To them I send out a big fat WHATEVER! Jack sings with soul. And Stiller, I'm not sure if he was ever funnier than when he was in Mystery Men. One of my all time faves.

Paige Bruce said...

Y'know, there is nothing inherently wrong with pop music, until you look at the many "artists" in its ranks. Every once in a while you can still find something good though. Being of a classic rock bend myself, I surprised my sister when I said I was going to see Doc Walker, a country/pop band, two genres I normally avoid. So yeah.

AND - my unlikely hero TOTALLY has those special skills that he discovers right in the nick of time to save everyone from certain doom. How did you know?!

David Noceti said...

I KNEW because you're totally copying my story idea! lol. Funny thing is, I think I came up with that without ever having read "Wizard's First Rule" or anything like that. . . . although, I did love the King Arthur tales growing up. Maybe that's how I was infected with that concept.

And Jack Johnson is NOT pop!

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