How many things do you have on the back-burner? Me? Tons. I had to go out and get extra stoves just so that I could have more back-burners to put things on.  

Take a moment to consider how many things you have on back-burners. Right them all down. Make a big long list, (you might want to do this in a word processor). Then organize that list, not from most important to least, but from most frustrating to least.

For instance, I have dogs that keep getting off of their tethers and wreaking havoc (still can't find my other hiking shoe). While finishing off the inside of the house in preparation for winter is more important, I'm going to focus on getting the dog kennel done first because it is a constant source of irritation.

One by one, pull those pots and pans on the back burners up to the front. Focus on them one at a time, dedicate time and energy to completing one project rather than simply making progress, and I think you'll find the stove-top of your mind a little less messy and a lot more manageable.

Tomorrow I'll reveal my plan for going forward with the blog. Stay tuned.


S.F. Robertson said...

Surprisingly I only have one or two things on my mental back burner right now, BUT you've inspired me to take care of them. They are big big projects, and I've been kicking them in the shins and running away instead of spending a day full of blood, sweat and tears completing them.

Think I'll start today....

David Noceti said...

Hoorah! I'm going to head out and tackle that dog kennel for today. Wish me luck.

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