Mental Swine Flu

Where in the world have I been? Well, I didn't really go anywhere, I just took one of my communication vacations. Before the age of the internet I never felt that they were necessary. I used to call up friends all of the time, go out every weekend, had to have the television on in the background even if I wasn't watching it.  

Something to do with the constantly plugged in reality that we live in now has changed all of that. As I've said before, I don't have a television. Whereas getting a telephone call used to be a treat, I now find them annoying. And going out? HA! I'm actually going to be ditching out on a Reno bachelor party because I'd rather save the money for a camera. Obviously, things have changed.  

As I endeavored to reach out to every possible writing vein I could, I found that I submerged myself in communication. At night I'd have a conversation with you via the blog, during the day there was chatting with crit partners, then I started up the critique group that crashed and burned, but while it was going I had three chapters a week extra to critique and then there was infighting and head butting and headaches. When I finally put my foot down and said “that's it, this isn't going to work,” and took the group out to the back forty and put it down, I'd had enough.  

The choice at that point was either to try and keep struggling on with everything else even though I wasn't 100% or just stopping altogether. I guess it was kind of like being sick. Doctors don't usually prescribe that you stop doing one thing but continue doing everything else when you're laid up with swine flu. They tell you to sit your ass in bed and don't get up until you're better. Well that's just what I did, only I did it mentally. And you know what, I think it worked. I feel much better now.  

And there's your thought as I return to blogging after something like a two week hiatus. Take a real break from whatever it is that is wearing on you, not a fake one. The fake one's don't get rid of the bug.  


Amber J. Gardner said...

*hugs* I'm glad you're back.

Man, hiatuses must be "In" now. Of course, my hiatus wasn't on purpose. It was like I really did get sick and had no energy or will to get up and write or even do anything really. Depression is a writer's (and student's) worst enemy.

But now I'm back. You're back. And who knows what great stuff we can bring to the table now after our "healing" ^_^

David Noceti said...

Yeah, everyone has been out for the count as of late. But NaNoWriMo is getting close and I suspect we'll start to see everyone coming back out of the woodworks. Even if they aren't participating, I think they'll at least catch the NaNo bug and be inspired to get their butts in gear.

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