Fluffy Bunny Writers

Alright, so I need a little something to get me into the mood for Monday night writing, and what better way to do that than to ramble in a blog? Today’s topic is Fluffy Bunny Writers. I borrow the term from new age Paganism. A fluffy bunny witch is usually someone who is new to the practice of witchcraft and is more or less in love with the idea of it rather than the actual practice of it. Real witches take a great deal of pride in what they do, they study, practice, meet with others, for them it’s not a stylistic choice or a form of self expression, it is indeed a craft.


As of late, it seems like I’ve been coming across a lot of fluffy bunny writers on message boards. These are the sorts of people who continue to push the notion that we are artists and therefore free of any form of constraints on our writing. Industry standards, critiques, and studying the craft of writing are nothing but are nothing more than other people trying to stifle their creativity.

The great master, Christopher Paolini,
For some reason, when I typed "fluffy bunny" 
into google image finder, this came up.

But I also place another group into this category, and that is those who study too much, and who become far to high minded about their writing. There are publications that are beneath them, and those who write for them are “selling out.” These folks have thrown in extra Downey with their load of ---- and come up with the elitist fluffy bunny.

 What both warrens of bunnies fail to realize is that we all work for someone. If you don’t have a direct boss making you do things that you don’t want to do, you have customers demanding things that you don’t want to do, and if, by chance you have cut all ties from either of those worlds, walking the “true” path of the artist and only produce what you want, then you have to understand that the people buying what you create are indeed your bosses. If you don’t create what they want to consume, you don’t eat. Sure, you can sit around all day expressing your inner child by hurling monkey poo at a blank canvas, unfortunately few people are going to buy it. 

So please, in life, don’t be a fluffy bunny with your writing. The way I see it, there is no selling out, there is putting food on the table, making a living, paying bills, surviving. In order to live long enough to write that great masterpiece that no one will appreciate until long after your death, you have to do something to fund it. Maybe you work a day job not associated with writing because you see working in a field that does not produce what you are passionate about as a form of selling out. Guess what, you’re still selling out.


So knock off all of this feel good nonsense and get down to the business of writing. 


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Oh gawwwwwwd! *sobs* I'm going to go cut off my left ear now.

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