While working on the rewrite of “Deviner’s Eye” I realized that I needed a visual reference for a female character. She would of course be attractive, but in my quest to make my characters as real as possible, I wanted her to be attractive in an unconventional way. I think that the world has seen more than enough Greek Goddess replicas in their escapism. Besides, I find that the most believable escapism is that in which the escapist can actually picture themselves a part of.

A little too much classical beauty,but look at those curls. 

So, I typed “curly hair” into Google’s image search and began my collection of images related to the one physical detail that I knew I wanted Maev to have. Granted, the young lady above is definitely full of classical beauty, but the first thought was to find some images of curly hair so that I could better describe it. 

Closer. The hair is getting rather crazy. 

Much better here. This is looking like someone
you might actually know. 

In time, that search led me to a couple of blogs maintained by women whose photos embodied just the right amount of quirkiness. One of which was Erica-Knits who not only became a partial inspiration for my character but also the inspiration for this blog.

As it turns out, Erica is a designer who creates wonderful fashions through the form of knitting. Her blog often exhibits many of the inspirations that lead to her work. That got me to thinking that it might be a nice release when I need to write for the sake of writing, to share some of my own process with the world at large.

Erica's Mittens

And so a great big thank you goes out to Erica for helping to inspire me through her sharing of her own inspiration and an even bigger thank you to you for stopping by. I hope that I my ramblings produce something of interest or inspiration to you.

One last shot of Erica. Be sure and check out her knitting.

I’ll likely use a bit of my art school training to come up with a couple of character sketches of Maev and post them here for all to see. We'll see how much of Erica and the above mentioned ladies make it into that character sketch. 

Happy writing.  


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