Opening to a new short

So, all that note taking I did in my journal led to the beginnings of the new short, "The King's Lottery." I thought I would post the first draft of the first paragraph here to see if I get any feedback or interest in the concept. Hope you like it. 

"If her father woke to see Gwen rifling through the chest at the foot of his bed, hands filled with mother’s old lingerie, the sight alone would be enough to send him into a tirade that would not only raise mother from her grave but put Gwen into one as well. Then again, if the dead really did watch over the living, what Gwen was about to do would have already called her mother from the beyond." 

I'm currently 506 words into this one. My goal for the next time I get to sit down with a clear head is to make my corrections to "Spark" so that I can start submitting it. Then I'll bounce back and forth between "Lottery" and "Diviner". 

As always, thanks for reading and happy writing. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. This one will be a fun one. I'm interested in where you'll take this one.

Happy Writing,

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