Monday Funny: To Gay or Not To Gay

Well, it is still technically Monday. :) Sorry so late. 

In honor of the recent Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, I post this informative and comedic take on the debate as to whether or not sexuality is a choice. Therefore, I warn those of you who might take offense to such discussion, but do ask that you consider it. 

I for one used to be strongly against homosexuality until one day I stopped to actually think about it. I removed religion from the equation and asked myself, "How does someone else's choice in partner really effect me?" I suggest you stop and ask yourself the same question. 

Coming Up This Week: (this is a new section of the Monday Funny where I'll post ahead of time what I'll be working on for the week. Consider it my commitment to you and a nagging reminder to myself to keep up with the blog)

Tomorrow: I'll be posting my verdict on web browsers with links galore and tips on how to fine tune my browser of choice should you consider giving it a try as well. 

Tuesday: An interesting writing prompt that sprang to mind over the weekend.

Wednesday: Philosophical musings on choice in pursuing dreams and the chains of responsibility. 

Thursday: The danger of writing prompts.

Friday: TBA (Or maybe I should say "It's a surprise!" But that would be misleading because I really have no clue what Friday will be.) 


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