What the Flock?

In the earlier post I uploaded via flock, I did so without having first entered in all of my other account information. I linked to my Facebook account in Flock, and when I posted the blog it gave me the option of notifying Facebook, which it did and that was AWESOME. But I was like, "hey, what about MySpace and Twitter and . . ." Then I realized that Flock didn't know that I had those accounts. So I've since added Digg, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. I'm interested in seeing what it does when I try to post this little note.

Quick update: So far flock seems to be running well. It's based on FireFox open source, and the new version of FF is supposedly the best thing out there. It did freeze up during a media search via it's special media bar, and it also eats that processor speed like mad when you're doing all the crazy stuff that it lets you do, but I think that when you look at it side by side, on similar features with other browsers, it ranks right up there with the best of them. I'll have my final verdict soon.

aaaaaaand no. I can only post a feed to FaceBook. Interesting how that seems to be the developer's choice in sociel networking. But, what I have discovered is that I can quickly click through my social sidebar and post updates to the three sites without ever going to the actual site. That's a good thing. Now if only there were a way to merge Opera and Flock. Hmmmm.
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