The Word Crash: When your mouse won't select text

My critique partner is busting my chops again about letting the blog distract from writing. Humph! (She's a good crit partner). Because she's probably right, (but only a little) I'm abandoning philosophical musings for another techy tip. Why? Because I just spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out why Word 2007 would not allow me to select text, and why it crashed every time I tried to close it. (Ah Microsoft, how I despise thee).

My Symptoms: Word 2007 has been crashing on me when I go to shut down. I try closing the program and I get that wonderful “Word has stopped working” dialog box. It usually solves the issue by restarting Word again, which happens to be exactly the opposite of what I was trying to do. Sigh.

But even for all of that nonsense, it was still letting me write normally so I ignored the shut down issue . . . until today.

Today I was trying to get the post written when I suddenly noticed that I could not use my right mouse button inside of Word, and only inside of word. Word also would not let me select text with the mouse. So, back to researching.

Solution: After a good long time of wading through posts on this issue dating back to the time this program was released a couple of YEARS ago, I finally found a link that solved the problem. I won’t go through the steps here because it would be redundant, just know that you have to edit your registry which is always a tricky and potentially life threatening when it comes to your computer.

Solution of Word 2007 crashing on close and mouse not working.

Good luck. Although I will say this, it was fairly straightforward and easy to do, so don’t worry too much about it. And it seems to have worked.

Right then, off to the blazing heat of the noontime sun to work on the new garage. 



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