Demotivational Poetry

So I was sitting at the café tonight, head plugged into my Zune, electronic music putting me into a writing groove. A track came on with spoken words. My knee jerk reaction was to flip the song but the words were so pleasant. I continued listening, falling into a trance, letting the words wash over me. 

Then I broke out into laughter. Talk about your bait and net. 

The Blue Light of the Underwater Sun

by Richard Melville Hall (Moby)

Now close your eyes and relax

Feel the warmth of the sun

And imagine yourself as a beautiful dolphin

You are swimming and playing in the vast ocean

You sail up and over the waves, glistening in the warm sun

And snapping your strong tail

Now you're going deep, swimming and exploring

The wonders of the mighty sea

Schools of brightly colored fish and banks of coral

All illuminated by the blue light of the underwater sun

There in the distance you see a vast school of fast Tuna

And you start to chase them

And suddenly you're caught in a drift net

Laid by commercial fisherman and you start to panic


damihjva said...

Haha, with a name like Melville, what did you expect?

Personally, my all time favorite story-songs are "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto. and "Come Sail Away" by Styx.


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