Monday Funny: Pachelbel Rant

I'm busily bludgeoning my chapter one from ten years past in an attempt to get it ready to post on Wednesday as part one of the critique series. It's actually kind of scary. Present tense, a 4000 word first chapter, and oh the telling. At one point I even described the pro via the pov of a poster on the ceiling. Sigh. 

So here's how I was thinking it would go since this will be my first series. 

Tuesday: A techy article explaining the word processor features used in critiquing.

Wednesday: Some tips on Critiquing along with something to put you to sleep by in the form of the old chapter. 

Thursday: Thoughts on the crit partner, both good and bad. 

Friday: Critique groups both big and small. 

And one last note. I've been making my way through the archives and cutting down on the tags so that things are easier to find so expect to see that tag list to the right slowly shrink. 

Now then, on to the funny.

Because I was chastised for not connecting last weeks funny to writing, this weeks funny reminds us that we shouldn't be worried about being original because it's all been done before. And since there won't be a rant this Friday, this should take care of it. 


Paige Bruce said...

That was totally another bonus to Wordpress. Categories vs. Tags. :D

Looking forward to this week's series!

David Noceti said...

Booooo Wordpress. Yay Blogger! :)

damihjva said...

Being a band geek, I totally dig this. :D

David Noceti said...

I thought you'd enjoy it. I was going to dedicate it to you, then I forgot. :)

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