Monday Funny: Thank you thank you thank you

With this edition of the Monday Funny, I wanted to send out some thank you’s and let you guys know about a few changes. First of all, thanks to everyone for reading the blog and sharing it with your friends. It really means a lot to me. Along with my own personal triumph of going three weeks straight with a post appearing every day, I’d like to announce another little milestone, the third straight week of increased readership.

Seems that when I put forth the effort you guys and gals reward me. I’m not talking about huge leaps, maybe three or four people a week, but still, it means a lot to me. I was especially impressed with last week’s numbers because the week before had the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ trailer that brought a load of people to the blog just to see that. These folks likely were not interested in the craft of writing and just wanted to see the trailer. And that’s fine. What I didn’t expect was for the following week’s numbers to edge just above the Wonderland week, but they did, and that got me really pumped.

I’m going to be going through old posts and adjusting the tags, and coming out with clearly defined categories for the posts so that past content is easier to find. I’ll also be working on some more layout issues with the blog, putting my friends’ blogs link section back up (it got lost when I changed templates) and putting up a new section for links to stories that friends have written, so be looking for those (just so long as I can figure out the coding, keep your fingers crossed on that one).

Once again, thank you all so very much. I don’t make any kind of money from this. I’m paid solely in knowing that my words help others. So if you read anything that makes you smile, helps you, or gets you to think of something in a different way, you can say thanks by passing the word along, subscribing, and/or clicking one of those sociable buttons below each of the posts (digg, stumble,, and the like, seriously, do you know how long it took me to figure out how to add them to this theme? we're talking hours and hours).

Thanks again. You are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now let’s share a laugh.

I am soooo going to catch flack for this vid, but I don't care. 



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