Spread the Word Saturday: Agents Hate These

Happy weekend to you! Of course if yours is anything like mine is shaping up to be, it's not going to be much of a weekend. It's sad when even events that you were looking forward to, say my buddies birthday bash, are approached with a groan because all you really want to do is lay about the house all day and relax, or in my case write. Ah well, such is life. 

I've got two blog links for you today. Since there was a brief mention of literary agents this week, I thought I might share a couple of posts that might be helpful. These two agents have posted a "Where I stop reading" list. 

Janet Reid started this concept back in 2005. Janet Reid's list of 5 cues for her to stop reading your query sparked BookEnds, LLC's Jessica Faust to put up her own list of 9 reasons to stop reading a query.

I've finally had forward momentum with my short, so I want to try and finish that up this weekend, attend to some crits, and work on the blog a bit. I'm also hoping to have time to but together a series on critiques for next week, but that requires forethought and preparation. We'll see. Maybe a post on critiquing, receiving criticism, crit partners, and crit groups? Wait, did we just plan it out? Sigh. I feel the heavy weight of commitment baring down on me. 

And as an extra special addition to the crit series, I'm going to take the first chapter of a story that I wrote ten years ago when I first started my writing journey and critique it as if it were someone else's. That should be entertaining. For those of you knew to the game, it will give you an idea of how I crit, and for those of you already used to critiquing, it will give you you a good laugh at my extremely poor prose. 


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